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Mountain Memories

Mist beneath our feet...generous ash-cooked meals...the exhaustion of mountain treks and nights by the fire.  These are the memories of my years spent living in and returning to Asia.  


Each of these acrylic vignettes carries with it a Mountain Memory.  Though they are but a glimpse into an awe-inspiring experience, each honors the neighbors and mountains I loved.  They conjure hard row-hoeing, mud huts, goat trails, songs echoing from mountain walls, bustling markets and spicy dishes.  These memories encompass joys and triumphs; hardship and illness; shared celebrations; tears and grit and tenacity and hope.  Most of all, they memorialize the preciousness of shared life and contrasting cultures - raw at times, but beautifully interconnected.

It is my hope that this series inspires appreciation not only for the people and places of these mountains, but also for your own community and the world.

This series is active and currently showing throughout the United States.  Works designated "SOLD" are not available for travel.  For purchase or showing information, please contact Catch Fleeting Moments at the email below.  

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