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Flyover Country

It may not elicit images of glamour or be the hottest stop on the campaign trail, but this country is brimming with heart!  For the ones it has nurtured, both near and far, the "flyover country" is full of people and places that will always be "home".

No matter where life takes me or what beauty I meet, there remains a special appeal for the weathered barn, the lush bean fields, the miles and miles of meadows and corn rows that wrap me in roots.  I find in them the comfort of family, friends, and community values that are unique to regions still connected to the bounty of the land.

Here are small town parades and toes in the lake; main streets and ice cream socials where folks overwhelmingly honor their servants.  Blankets of bucolic wonder display the seasons, and simple pleasures abound.  Whether you're flying over or cruising through, there's plenty to appreciate about the Heartland.

                                  "I had to go to France to appreciate Iowa." - Grant Wood

*More Images Coming Soon*

This series is in early active production, limited pieces shown.  Works designated "SOLD" are not available for travel.  

For purchase or showing information, please contact Catch Fleeting Moments at the email below.  

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